Change Your Life.

Introducing the weekly planner that will change your life. This personal development survival guide provides you with step-by-step instructions to nourish your body, mind, & spirit.

Are you passionate about personal growth, following your dreams, and leading a purpose-driven life? Congratulations! PD Planner has arrived to assist you in designing—and living—the life you want. PD Planner contains straightforward tips and simple practices that will help you achieve your goals, communicate clearly and effectively, and create positive, lasting change in all areas of your life.

Whether you have your sights set on getting physically fit, cultivating healthier relationships, achieving professional success or simply overcoming limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your happiness, the PD Planner is for you. When followed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis the PD Planner’s simple practices will help you to meet your goals and change your life.

PD Planner is a course of action. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work? When harnessed, your combination of passion and purpose will be unstoppable. PD Planner is the perfect tool to help you create the life you deserve. Jump in.


Change the Lives of Others

A portion of each sale is donated to the global clean water efforts of Charity: water. Charity: water is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water solutions to communities that are otherwise without. By purchasing this book you are helping to change the lives of people around the world. Thank you!

“This work has changed my life, I invite you to let it change yours.”

~Pearl Sites


Meet Pearl

While completing her Master’s Degree, PD Planner creator Pearl Sites made a life changing discovery. Although she was immersed in the world of holistic health and natural medicine, her personal life was chaotic and a feeling of terrible overwhelm hung over her. It was this realization that led Pearl to dive deep into the world of self-help and personal development. Dozens of books, magazine articles, and blog posts, as well as countless life coaches, counselors, therapists and programs of recovery all pointed in the same direction: change your habits and change your life. On her path to wellness, Pearl carefully compiled her favorite daily practices, affirmations and organizational tips gleaned from a wide variety of experts
in the field.

Originally created by Pearl as a tool to teach her clinical students at the Hawthorn Institute in Williams, OR how to manage their time and set attainable goals, the PD Planner is now available for the public! Today, PD Planner meets the needs of anyone seeking balance,
wellness and a purpose-driven life.

Learn more of Pearl’s story and find out how the PD Planner was born. >>

“I cannot even put into words how much the PD Planner has helped me. I’m going to buy four and give them away as gifts.”

~Lindsay N.




About The Book

Physical Features:

  • Portable size: 8.5 X 5.5: PD Planner is small enough to take everywhere and large enough to map out your biggest dreams.
  • End-sleeve pocket: Use the back pocket to hold keepsakes, event tickets, notes, and more.
  • Two bookmark ribbons: Use one ribbon to keep your place and the other to mark a favorite resource. Ribbons are black and white.
  • Vegan leather cover. The PD Planner cover is sophisticated and durable with the perfect amount of flex.
  • Thick, premium paper: The pages are made of high quality paper to prevent bleed through. We tested our favorite pens on paper samples until we found the one that felt and performed the best!
  • Lays flat: When early versions refused to stay open we went back to the drawing board. Your 2016 PD Planner will lay flat for awesome functionality.
  • Blank pages: Contains 36 blank pages for you to draw, brainstorm, and create your next work of genius.
  • Black elastic band: The band holds your planner tightly closed when you are on the move to keep the pages crisp and clean.


How it Works

PD Planner contains beautifully designed weekly and monthly layouts that will help you organize your day, week, and month. Each month focuses on one key aspect of healthy living, and each week contains a guided personal development exercise that will have a profound impact on your wellbeing. In addition to the awesome weekly and monthly layouts, the planner is full of instructional extras that will help you feel confident, productive and successful.

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“By cultivating my healing presence I became a better practitioner,
a better teacher, and a better person.”

~Pearl Sites

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