How it Works

It’s a weekly planner and personal development course in one.

Pd planner contains beautifully designed weekly and monthly layouts that will help you organize your day, week, and month. Each month focuses on one key aspect of healthy living, and each week contains a guided personal development exercise that will have a profound impact on your wellbeing. In addition to the awesome weekly and monthly layouts, the planner is full of instructional extras that will help you feel confident, productive and successful.

Wellbeing Sphere of Influence
The wellbeing sphere will act as your personal development roadmap. It represents the essential components of life that directly affect yoru wellbeing, such as movement, emotions, spirituality, physical environment and more.

Monthly focus
Each month has a special focus that correlates to a section of the wellness sphere. This way, you will actively dedicate time and energy to each important aspect of being.

Mile markers
Mile markers are small, actionable tasks that act as stepping-stones along your journey to a larger goal.

Each week has a suggested affirmation and room to create your own so you can tend to your personal narratives.

Practice instructions
Engage in guided exercises each week that will have profound impact on your wellbeing.

Practice reflections: Recording insights from you daily practice will amplify positive shifts you are noticing and serve to deepen your practice.

“By cultivating my healing presence I became a better practitioner,
a better teacher, and a better person.”

~Pearl Sites

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