Why I created PD Planner

When I was in graduate school, my life was a complete mess. Although I was immersed in the world of holistic health and natural medicine, my personal life was chaotic and overwhelming.

Mistakes? I’ve made ‘em. Negative self-talk? It was deafening! I’ve struggled with cancer, alcoholism, and many things in between. It took many years and some major life lessons before I was graced with the desperation I needed to make some huge life-saving changes.

It was this critical turning point that led me to dive deep into the world of self-help and personal development. I read countless books, hired coaches, therapists, and more. I went all in.

On my path to wellness, I carefully compiled the most transformative daily practices, affirmations and organizational tips gleaned from a wide variety of experts in the field.

The PD Planner is the story of how I learned to love myself. It is a step-by-step instruction manual of practices that enabled me to grow confident, stretch outside of my comfort zone, identify and communicate my needs, and live in alignment with my values. By cultivating my healing presence I became a better practitioner, a better teacher, and a better person.

This work changed my life, and I invite you to let it change yours.

How PD Planner was born

Today, I teach the art and science of health behavior change for a living. I created PD Planner as a tool for students in our practitioner training programs to get organized, stay on top of their goals, and catalyze their personal growth.

Throughout the years I have seen these practices transform the lives of countless clients and students. PD Planner has been such a transformative and popular resource, we decided to offer it to the public! After extensive beta testing and research, we have designed PD Planner to meet the needs of anyone seeking balance, wellness and a purpose-driven life.

“By cultivating my healing presence I became a better practitioner,
a better teacher, and a better person.”

~Pearl Sites

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